In The Spotlight with Kiano & Below Bangkok

In The Spotlight shines a light on Little Giant’s artists through a series of Q&A followed by a DJ mix. In preparation for the labels sixth release, we gladly introduce you to Kiano & Below Bangkok.

Kiano & Below Bangkok – Tempomat is due out March 15th

1. Describe yourself as an artist…

It is hard to describe yourself, especially as an artist. We live, breathe, drink, just two normal human beings who also absorb music 24 hours a day. It is probably the main focus of our life.

2. When did you start making house music?

Kiano: In the late 90’s. I was a teenage boy, and Amir was still my younger kid brother. I got my hands-on Roland SP808 and it started from there. Sampling and bouncing tracks.

Below Bangkok: I was always fascinated with music. As a younger brother of a DJ I was under the influence of House music at an early age. I didn’t rush with production and DJing. My first solo release went out in 2001. I was really young and after that I just continued with production in all genres.

Kiano & Below Bangkok

3. Describe the first gig you ever played.

It was birthday party for a friend. Technically we were bad, just two kids fighting with turntables. The party ended up being a success. It all ended with spilled drinks over our 1210s but that is a beast of machine so little liquid didn’t do any damage. I will never forget it.

4. How would you describe your sound?

It’s a blend of Adriatic deep and dub sound. We like to listen to almost
all genres of music and we apply that in our music. So, there is always something different coming from us.

5. What influences you? Where do you get your ideas?

Life in general, all the good things, bad things, little and big moments.
Our friends, pets and family. We both like to travel so that also, plus
other artists and any other form of art.

6. What do you like the most about dance music?

The ability of a good 4/4 grove that can put you in state of trance and make you forget about all the bad things. Just releasing yourself in the groove.

7. Who are some of your favorite DJs?

The list is pretty big, we love to listen to Lola Palmer, Pablo Bolivar,
tuning in to Deep Mix Moscow Radio, DJ Krush … we are both very eclectic, so the list is endless.

DJ Krush / DJ Shadow ‎– A Whim / 89.9 Megamix + Bonus Beats (1995)

8. Describe your creative process.

It’s pretty simple actually, we just start and let the feeling guide us.
We never plan ahead, that rule applies for the original tracks and remixes also.

9. What shows/releases do you have coming up?

Releases on labels such as Ready Mix Records, Plus Plus, Luna The Cat, Deep In It Recordings, Deepwit, Music & Life Records, Vitamin Deep Recordings etc.

Kiano & Below Bangkok – ‘Tempomat’ will be available March 15th on all digital shops.

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