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Love Interlude

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Love Interlude 
Written and produced by Anna Cavazos (Cavazos, ASCAP)
Mixing and additional production by Fabio Verardo
Piano by Matt Smith
Vocals by Anna Cavazos
Mastering by Steffen Müller

Love Interlude – Rissa Garcia Remix 
Produced by: Rissa Garcia (Rissa Garcia, ASCAP)
Mixed by: Carlos Ruiz

Love Interlude – Matthias Vogt Remix
Produced and mixed by Matthias Vogt

Love Interlude – Rick Wade Remix 
Produced and mixed by Rick Wade

All rights reserved. © & ℗ Anna K. Cavazos, Little Giant Records 2023 LGR0006
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About the EP:

The EP kicks off with the original of ‘Love Interlude’ – melancholic and piano-heavy with an ultra-deep baseline embellished with warm pads and soulful drums.  Anna’s soulful vocal floats above the melody creating an emotional and moving interlude. Next up Matthias Vogt delivers a deep-house masterpiece adding extra keys, drum accents, and a well-placed baseline that is weaved neatly into the vocal hook while Vogt delivers the warm, jazz-flecked vibrations he is well known for. Up next Rick Wade weighs in with some ever so classy house laced with flashes from the Motor City of Detroit. Warm electro piano, glowing synths, and vocal parts contrast with the deep sub baseline. Closing out this EP Rissa Garcia draws heavily on her New York house inspirations. Organ riffs and a funk-inspired bass line lead the charge dropping in and out between vocal harmonies and subtle synth work. Percussive accents bring it all home making this closing cut one dancefloor destroying, peak-time bomb.