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LGR003 – Anna Cavazos & Sam Haas – Wu Wei

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Little Giant Records presents its third release Wu Wei, an EP produced by Anna Cavazos and Sam Haas. The remixes are brought to you by NYC nightlife veteran Christy Love, Little Giant co-founder Chris Luzz and Italian producer Luyo.

Track list:
1) Wu Wei (Original)
2) Wu Wei (Chris Luzz Remix)
3) Wu Wei (Christy Love Remix)
4) Hipster Sunset (Original)
5) Hipster Sunset (Luyo Remix)

Release Information:
Artist: Anna Cavazos, Sam Haas
Title: Wu Wei
Release Date: 11/17/17 (Traxsource Exclusive), 12/1/17 (Worldwide)
Label Name: Little Giant Records

Main Genre: Deep House
Genre: House
Sub Genre: Techno

©: 2017, Little Giant Records

About the EP:

Anna Cavazos and Sam Haas come together again after their first collaboration ‘Paydirt’ appeared on Defected’s 2016 Ibiza compilation. This EP begins with the title track – ‘WuWei’ – an otherworldly piece laced with haunting synths and a vocal the pair created while recording together in San Francisco. Hipster Sunset – named after the synth voice laced throughout the song – has a melancholy quality, melding percussion and R&B vocal stylings, perfect for an evening in or a poolside sunset.

Chris Luzz remixes WuWei into a vibey house number filled with layered drum textures – progressing into a growling, bass heavy dance floor jam.

Christy Love pays homage to underground Detroit techno – leaving her interpretation stark, pulsating and raw.

Luyo remixes ‘Hipster Sunset’ into a percussion-filled, soulful number – adding his signature afro-house sound.

About Anna Cavazos & Sam Haas:

Anna Cavazos began her musical journey in NYC’s underground, where she started DJing and experimenting with drum machines & vocals production in her early 20s. In 2013 she moved to Berlin, where her sound began to incorporate classic analogue house – drawing inspiration from her collection of Chicago house records and the dance-floors of Berlin and Amsterdam.

Today she DJs internationally and continues to hone her skills as a producer. Her work has been released on Defected Records, Madhouse Records, Nite Grooves, Zaubermilch, Yes Yes Records and more. Her style is warm – weaving classic house beats with beautiful melodies and flowing arrangements.

Sam Haas’s love of house music was born in the warehouses of the 90′s US rave scene, where he established himself as a DJ and promoter. Despite his decision to pursue a career in Advertising, he has continued to produce and release his music internationally.

Now with over 20 years of influences to draw upon, Sam’s style has morphed into a unique amalgamation of funk, deep, and tech-infused house, with a distinctly modern touch. His works have been released on MEME, Silence In Metropolis, iRecords, and Defected Records.

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